7. 7. 2012

My new ombre hairstyle

Hey guys, I tried to make some change with my hair. I got ombre trend in 2 colors. I wasnt sure about it but hopefully its not so bad:))    

                                 WHAT DO YOU THINK???  

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your visit and your comment at
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  2. Loving the ombre! following you back! xo

  3. Your hair looks so rad ;)

    Thanks also for your comment on my blog... I am now following you on Bloglovin ;)


  4. thank you girls I really appreciate your support!:)))

  5. VERY GOOD looking! ; )

  6. wau, ake dlhe vlasy:), vyzera to zaujimavo:)

  7. Love your hair! :) Thanks for your comment! We're following you back!
    Kisses!! :)

  8. So pretty! :)

  9. I admire you for doing the ombre trend! Some people are actually afraid of doing it to their hair, but you are bold enough to pull it off! And good choice of dye color by the way, it makes you look refreshing and younger.

    @Elnora Touchstone

  10. It’s really nice for us girls to experiment sometimes. Well yeah, for a change! ;) Moving out of your comfort zone really lets you discover a better version of yourself. By trying so, you get to know that aside from your usual look, you can bring yourself up to a higher level. :))

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