6. 10. 2012

10 outfits with 1 jumper

When I got nominated as Style Icon on Asos Fashion Finder, I seriously did not expect that I will be the next and the last Style Icon at the same time. I also got one task and that was creating of 10 different outfits for different occasions included one jumper. Check this out and tell me which outfit do you like the most.


2. Dinner party

3. Day in Paris

4.Fashion week in NY

5. Fashion week in London

6.City break

7.Road trip

8.Back to college

9. Office in Winter

10. Country escape

12. 9. 2012

Back to work

You know that feeling when you have to go back to work after summer period. Run everything on daily bases. Get ready for all of your business meetings etc. But what is more important is your wardrobe. You definitely must refresh it or upgrade it. I already mentioned some of the A/W12 key pieces in my posts before. We know baroque, leather or very berry. There are plenty of others. Such as man up trend. It means mostly dressing inspired by sharp, savile row. So if you wanna stay one step ahead of the boys you cannot forget about pop art patterns, sheer blouse and fabrics with a subtle shine. Of course not everybody can afford all the trends at once. In that case we have to be creative and restyle our wardrobes. So lets see!

                                 Back to office
                                 Blazer, Shirt, bow- Asos

                                 Trousers- Orsay
                                 Bag- Saphire blue

                                 Blouse, trousers, coat- Orsay
                                 Belt- Asos
                                 Bag- Mark and Spencer

                                 Blazer, Shirt- Asos
                                 Shoes- New look
                                 Hat- Grandmums :)


6. 9. 2012

In my mums wardrobe

When I saw the bag which was supposed to go in rubbish I was very shocked. My mum wanted to throw out so many perfect pieces. But I was on the right place on right time!!! Of course I did not allow her to do it. I have to show you one of the best pieces which I grabbed. It is a beautiful dress made of velvet. So much on trend in baroque print and wonderful A/W12 colors (berry and green). My goal was make that dress more fashion, more current and edgy. I added golden metal necklace and black leather jacket. And I also added outstanding suede berry wedges which are going to be one of my first A/W12 key pieces. I am totally in love with them!!!!!! What do you think?

The leather jacket and necklace-
The boots-


3. 9. 2012

I wanna be a rockstar

Hey guys, I always wanted to try different kinds of styles but I never had a chance. But it changed. You could see all my photoshootings before where I styled the models. But I tried one also. I used brand Orsay and also shoes from and then jewelery from Pinky club. I used the A/W12 trends as leather and very berry. I also added edgy boots, which are anyway sooo comfy. It was really full of fun. I would like to know your opinion. What do you think about me in gothic style? Do you like it? Does it suit me?


30. 8. 2012

Photoshooting part III

I got an opportunity to work with Orsay and and PINKY CLUB bijouterie & cosmetics. I organized a photoshooting where I styled our crowds out models. The point was to promote these brands above and their collections such as Garden Party, Pastels, Fall and Rock style with edgy elements. I chose 4 girls for our first day of shooting and day after I tried to promote my own style by these brands on myself.

Models: Ivana Tauberová, Naďka Šefčíková, Števka Rerková and Katka Kuzárová
Photo: Rastislav Péchy
Make up: Martina Gálová
Hair: Mirka Kulová
Styling: Veronika Svobodová

                                           Autumn behind the window

Model: Naďka Ševčíková
Clothes: Orsay

Model: Števka Rerková
Clothes: Orsay

Model: Ivana Tauberová
Clothes: Orsay

 Model: Katka KUzárová
Clothes: Orsay