30. 7. 2012


BIG THANK YOU TO FASHION LARK  FOR MY NOMINATION. IT IS VERY NICE FROM YOU. FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT LIEBSTER AWARD IS, HERE IS SOME EXPLANATION: this little award is all about discovering new blogs and helping those with less than 200 followers to get recognised."


1. Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.

2. They must also answer the 11 questions the ' tagger ' has set for them.

3. They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.

4. They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in their post.

5. These lucky bloggers must then be told.

6. There's no tag backs.


1.My name is Veronika and I am 24 years old
2. I am the University student in Prague, studying International relates and European studies
3. I come from beautiful country called Slovakia
4. I am shoeholic
5. I like doing makeovers of people
6. I would like to see whole world
7. The best place that I could see was San Francisco
8. I love change in my life
9. I would love to be professional stylist in the future
10.I am proud of my family and I love them so much
11.I hope dreams come true


1.dragon fly:
2.Moda de Canela:
3.Picture me:
5.A sunshine of fashion:
6.Tie bow-tie:
7.She is obsessed:
8.Meg the cool girl:
9.Had to buy it:
10.Line sea:


 1. Your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
     The boyfriend navy blazer from ASOS
 2. Your favourite hairstyle?

 3. Your favourite trend?
     Sports luxe

 4. Your favourite singer/songwriter?
     Etta James
5. Your favourite perfume?
    Calvin Klein Euphoria

6. Your favourite flavour ice cream?

7. Your favourite drink?

 8. Your favourite era?

 9. Your favourite place?
      My home

10. Your dream job?
      Stylist and organizer of catwalks and makeovers

11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
       In abroad as professional stylist working in own company

                    MY 11 QUESTIONS:

                    1.How would your friends describe your style?
                    2.What are your wardrobe workhorses?
                    3.Favorite fashion reads?
                    4.Whose style do you admire?
                    5.Favorite brands?
                    6.Earliest fashion memory?
                    7.What will your key piece be for the A/W season?
                    8.What is your favorite fashion trend this season?
                    9.Who inspires you?
                   10.Dream wardrobe for a trolley dash?
                   11.What is your dream job?

CHLOE thank you for the nomination again and I also wish good luck to all of you:)))

26. 7. 2012

Trendy summer city break

To be trendy you do not need to buy trendy clothes only but you have to feel fresh, and comfortable:) I picked the most comfortable and on trend pieces from my wardrobe and wear it. It actually had success. In that kind of clothes I felt very unique, and so good:) I picked so much on trend dyed tie jeans, simple white vest, amazing pastel color blocking bomber jacket and high heeled sandals which are also in pastel combo. Are you asking what about bag? Well, honestly I didnt need it:) I put the hood on and walked...

Would you like to get this look?
Check this out:


22. 7. 2012

In muted colors

Just to be elegant in nude and golden shades. You can use this outfit for your dinner date or drink with friends. I used sateen nude cropped trousers, very pretty natural color top with whole lace back and golden stripes on the front, nude high heels and beautiful vintage clutch from my mums wardrobe. I also added golden necklace with dark blue details. Do you like it?


20. 7. 2012

My casual bright!

Sometimes you do not have a time for looking in the mirror and thinking of what to wear today. You just simply want to wear something! Honestly, when I am in the mood like that I prefer something very comfortable. The best : JEANS and FLATS!!! That day I decided to mix it with bright fun clothes such as yellow blazer and red top. I styled it with across body bag and sailor flats and went to the town to buy some things...I felt comfy but trendy at the same time, what do you think?


15. 7. 2012

Retro fun is back!!!

I do love retro style! I do love picking clothes from my mums wardrobe. And I do love to wear it and style it with something what is currently on trend. I already introduced you my friend who wants to try some new styles. And as we are for all kind of fun and we love colors, we decided to do: RETRO FUN IS BACK!
                                  CHECK THIS OUT!!!!

                                                      Skirt and clutch from ASOS, Yellow top from Reserved, Yellow heel with bow detail from New look, retro bomber jacket from my aunties wardrobe:)

12. 7. 2012

Styling of my friend

She is beautiful and also great friend of mine. She has perfect taste of fashion in my opinion. But she still wanted to try styling of somebody else. So I said yes! Look at her 1st look.
I decided for something fresh, what says: It is summer!
I picked shorts with cute bow in the front, added fuchsia top and styled with very trendy floral blazer. I chose high heel sandals in dark pink color shade and refreshed it with big round retro yellow earrings.
                                      What do you think?


11. 7. 2012

Orange is good!

I went for one drink and chat with my friends. We were talking and talking. As usually we ordered also some food. I got actually broccoli soup. One of my friend is photographer. He takes camera everywhere and every time. And that day was not exception. On the way back from the restaurant took some pics of me. So what happened? It was not just a day when I ate great soup but photo shooting actually:))) Here is the result.
I wear minimalistic look with bright touch. Cropped shiny cream trousers, orange silk top and color block small across body bag from Orsay and also ultra high nude peep toe heels from Mango.

And this picture became today ASOS FASHION FINDER PICK:)))


9. 7. 2012

Some of the top items at FASHIOLISTA

Do you know that feeling when you like something so much and you want to see it everyday and every time. That is my relationship with
I have to check it as much I can :)))
Love the community there and also what is the most important the fact that you can find so many good clothes, shoes, accessories and others...


                                                        Denim Diva Tie Top

Jeans in mint color shade

Vans Authentic Neon Lace Up Trainers

CUTE MICKEY MOUSE TOP,10&swHighlightThickness=1&swBorderThickness=0&itemTitle=License+Juniors+Mickey+and+Minnie+Smooching+Graphic+Tee+-+Gray&ref=tgt_adv_xasd0001&AFID=Performics_Fashiolista&LNM=Primary


                          Swankyswans Women's Jasper L Satchel

and follow me:)))
I will also support you :)

Chanel couture Autumn/Winter 2012


Modern couture collection was underpinned by elegant and casual tweed suits, all topped off with cute woollen beanie hats.

Trouser suits in a patchwork of lilac and pink, grey and black,  teamed with a silver evening dress.

Kaftan shapes, cutting off their sleeves to turn them into lounge coats to accompany sinuous floor-length gowns beneath. Or kaftans were transformed into shimmering dresses in pink and purple.

A drop waisted ballerina length black velvet shirt dress with a waist cinching metallic leather belt was a romantic update of the LBD.

Rose strewn tulle gown and a simple crepe peasant blouse over a heavily embroidered floral skirt upped the                                                             level of girlish romance.

An ombre sequined pygama suit and embroidered kaftan ushered in some bohemian luxury.

More on:

7. 7. 2012

My new ombre hairstyle

Hey guys, I tried to make some change with my hair. I got ombre trend in 2 colors. I wasnt sure about it but hopefully its not so bad:))    

                                 WHAT DO YOU THINK???