31. 12. 2013

Christmas Eve / Vianoce

Christmas is about calmness, happiness, family and stories. And Im happy that my Christmas was all about it. I celebrated it together with my parents, my brothers family and sisters family. You can imagine three children playing around the Christmas tree, unwrapping the presents and stealing some cookies. The good atmosphere is important. Im so thankful I had one. And I have to say that I had to be good girl whole year also because I also found something really nice under the Christmas tree. There was a book that made me really happy. It was on my wish list- the book called IT by Alexa Chung. There was one red beret also that I wished. And I have to mention new straightener as mine is broken. It really made my day:) Every adult is kid sometimes, right? What about you? Were you good all the year?

10. 12. 2013

Christmas wishlist

 Christmas is nearly here and as everyone I have some wishes. What about you? What wishes do you have?
Vianoce sú za oknom a ako každý z vás, i ja mám nejaké želania. Ako je to s vami? Čo si želáte vy?

 1. Mocca coffee maker / Mocca kávovar